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Do you want to see a mermaid in your real life?

Silverton Casino

Do you remember Ariel from The Little Mermaid? I’m sure, you’ll. Little Mermaid was one of Disney’s famous offerings that we grew up seeing. We have taken a lot of time thinking that whether it is in the real world and we can actually see them in truth.

We could not see it in our childhood. But yes, we can definitely show real mermaids to our kids, and this has been possible by Silverton Casino.

You will see an enormous Mermaid Aquarium in Silverton Casino and Hotel of Las Vegas where you will be amazed by viewing 5 trained mermaids performing in 117,000 gallons of water. All these beauties in the water are scuba certified, and there are five oxygen tubes hidden in the water for them to breathe.

Not only this, apart from Mermaid Aquarium, Silverton offers delicious food, live music, games, and other event & entertainment.

Come and stop by at Blue Diamond Road to see your fairytale dream in the real world.

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