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“To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice and Goa is a destination that leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

One of the Union State of India, Goa was a part of the Union Territory of Goa and was carved out in 1987 as a separate state. With two Revene States, i.e., North Goa and South Goa, Goa occupies an area of 3702 square kilometers. What makes Goa different from others is the fusion between Western and Eastern culture with the Portugese culture that could be seen everywhere whether it is cultural, architectural or social settings.

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Goa is mainly famous as a tourist destination in India, which attracts numbers of Indian and foreign tourists towards its nightlife and beaches. Water sports in Goa are mostly loved by people. Jet-skiing, banana boat rides, Parasailing, water scooter rides, etc. are some of the activities offered at Baga beach and Calangute beach. Apart from these, The Bom Jesus Cathedral, churches, Fort Aguada, temples and a new wax museum, culture and heritage in Old Goa are some of other tourism destinations.

Famous Food to Eat in Goa:
While being in Goa, Goan Catholic cuisine and Goan Hindu cuisine are the two varieties of food that one can find. The best part of these foods are that each variety is distinct from each other in terms of tastes, cooking styles and characteristics.

Among the Goan Catholics, Pork dishes are mainly preferred for major occasions. Khatkhate, an exotic Goan vegetable stew, that contains at least five vegetables, fresh coconut, and special Goan spices, is highly famous during the festival seasons. Sannas, Amboli and Kailoleo, Bebinca, rice with fish curry, are some of other famous food items in Goa.

For a refreshing experience, the best thing that Goa provides is its fairs and festivals that are always celebrated by town dwellers and visitors with full of enthusiasm and passion. From the long list of fairs and festivals, Monsoon Festival, New Year and Christmas Celebrations, and the Festival of Three Kings Feast are the most popular. People from all over the world comes here to enjoy these memorable moments. Other festivals that have been celebrated in Goa are Diwali, Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Gannesh Chaturrthi, Shigmo, Sao Joao Festival, Goa Carnival, Eid-UL-Fitr and Bonderam Festival.

From junk jewelry to gothic accessories to hippie clothing, from bamboo work to shell work to terracotta to Brassware, from Bebinca to Feni to cashew nuts to Goan sausages, from handicrafts to wooden furniture to painted tiles, you will find everything in Goa.
Being a tourist destination, Goa is also a shopping hub that offers varieties of product ranges to its local people as well as to the visitors.


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