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Hostel in the middle of the Ocean

Casa en el Agua

When we think of going around, the first thing comes from our mind that our accommodation should be satisfying. When we go all the way back to our hotel after roaming all day, the room should be such that we feel relaxed as soon as we get into it. Isn't it? But what if your place is so impressive that you will not want to get out of there?

Casa en el Agua is a hostel which is located in the middle of the Caribbean ocean on the coast of Colombia. It is settled on San Bernardo Islands where you have to take a two-hour boat ride from Cartagena to go.

Why is this place so cool?
- It offers you multiple options for bedding, from hammock to four people stay in a room or you can opt for a private room with a king-size bed.
- Staying at this hostel can give you fresh seafood daily. But if you do not want to, you can bring your own food too.
- In their bar, you will also get to drink different cocktails which their staff makes of themselves.
- To make your day enjoyable, you can go for Plankton, Snorkeling, Islote, SUP board / Kayaking, Relax on Beach, Diving, Subwing, and Floaties.

Enquire more on casaenelagua.com.

Image Source: Casa en el Agua


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