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Ever felt the presence of God on earth? Well.. if you are thinking I am joking, then I am not. Vrindavan is such a holy place where one can feel the presence of Lord Krishna.

The birthplace of Lord Krishna is Mathura but Vrindavan is the place where he had spent his childhood days. It is the traditional religious place amongst Hindus and a famous tourist spot.

Vrindavan has many playful tales of Krishna. His eternal love stories with Radha and delightful dance with Gopis (village ladies). The sound of his flute comes like a flow in the air and makes everyone go mirthful, including animals and birds.

How to reach?
Hiring a cab to Vrindavan is just simple as that from any of the nearest cities, and because of this Vrindavan falls under the perfect weekend getaways bucket.

Planning by Flight: Vrindavan does not have any airport of its own. However, you can still travel by flight. Delhi and Agra airports are the nearest airports to Vrindavan. Agra airport is around 75 km, which will be a 2 hours drive and Delhi airport is around 167 km, which is approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes away from Vrindavan.

Planning by Train: Nearest Vrindavan railway station falls under Mathura district which is just 15 km far.

Planning by Road: Vrindavan is easily reachable by road. Tourists from Agra (75 km), Delhi (184 km) and Jaipur (237 km) visit this holy place regularly.

Places to visit:
Vrindavan is famous for its religious beliefs so one can find many temples to visit in this holy place. ISKON Temple, Prem Mandir, Banke Bihari Mandir, Radha Raman Mandir, Gokulnanda Mandir, Krishna Balaram Mandir, Shri Radha Vallabh Mandir and Shahji Temple are to name a few.

As already mentioned that Vrindavan is one of the places where pilgrims still feel the presence of God, so...to prove that I am not making any prank, I would like to mention Seva Kunj Temple here.

Seva Kunj Temple, completely covered with fences from the top and both the sides. No one can enter this place without the open gates. It is said, every evening the temple priest keep some food and sweets with beautiful flowers in the middle of the temple and leave the place. It is the time when near goers listened to the music, dance and laughter voices coming from the temple. It is said that Lord Krishna and his lady love, Radha, dance here along with village women (Gopis). In the layman language, this Krishna love and dance are known as Raas Leela.

The gate of Seva Kunj Temple closes around 6 pm, and it is strictly prohibited from entering temple & its premises post these timings otherwise you will risk your life. Even animals do not cross this way. There are many stories you will find from the local people here; which are said to be true. The person who stays here at night and sees all the Krishna-Radha happenings will be found dead in the morning. There was an individual who had broken this rule and stayed there at night. That person was alive in the morning and portrayed the whole event that had seen in the temple. The moment story ended, the person died.

Well...Well... I am not scaring you. Whenever you go to Vrindavan, do visit this place. It is in the must visit places list. Covered beautifully with greenery and loads of monkeys. One can even talk to their inner voice in this peaceful place. But, don’t forget to visit before 6 pm. 🙂

Where to stay?
Vrindavan offers many places to accommodate and in reasonable & cheap rates; from a luxurious five-star resort to a simple room in a three-star budget hotel. One might also find a place quickly in just Rs. 500 or may be less than that.

You can plan your stay in Hare Krishna Orchid Resort. As it offers all the necessary amenities to other facilities like swimming pool, yoga hall, kids zone, etc.; and all of this at an average price of INR 3000.

Best time to visit:
Devotees from all across the world visit Vrindavan throughout the year. However, you will find little less crowd in summers because Vrindavan summers are somewhere hot.

Festival of Holi is the best time to visit here. Holi comes in March, but in Vrindavan and nearby areas it started celebrating from the mid of January and continued beyond the day of the festival. Holi is celebrated in all the places of India and many places outside India, but Vrindavan Holi is the most talked amongst everyone.

Obviously, there are lots of prayers to the God, and the streets are full of colours; but what makes Vrindavan Holi special? It is because of Lord Krishna. His playful & naughty acts on this festival, making everyone colourful and his teasing to Radha and her friends.

You can also consider visiting Vrindavan in Monsoon season because rain adds more beauty to the greenery of this beautiful town.

Food to eat:
Almost all the places in Vrindavan offers vegetarian food and many of them without onion & garlic. Vrindavan will not disappoint food lovers. You will get plenty of option to eat. Chole-Poori, Aalo Tikki, Hing ki Kachori, Chole-Bhature and much more. Whereas in sweets Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Imarti, Pedhe, Laddoo, Kheer and Rabri are famous. These are just a few of the names. I suggest, don’t stick to one or two, instead, try them all.

Tips for travelling Vrindavan:
So... Now you must have decided that you will be planning your next trip to this beautiful town of Lord Krishna. That is Amazing!! But, before your visit let me give you a travel tip here, and that is the important one you can't ignore. Just carry a stick with you and don’t forget to take care of your handbag, specs/shades and all the stuff that are handy.

You must be thinking why I am saying this. So let me just clear that to you. You will find so many monkeys here in just one day that maybe you have not seen in your whole life. The number of monkeys is more than human beings here. Well, this was the feeling I got during my visit. Time to experience yours. 🙂


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